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Audition Compilation (2015-present)

This is just a small selection of audition videos that I have submitted over the years to many places including The US Air Force, The American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS) Summer Program, Beyonce's Coachella band, and other institutions and ensembles.


Auditions can be tough, but hey, even if you don't make the cut, at least you will have learned something new! :)

MSpence Trombones (2018)

Here is a cute little demo video of some of my trombone quintet arrangements. This was also an audition video, for the Los Angeles Pride Festival in summer of 2018. Although it didn't pass, at least the five of us former college buddies got to chill out and play together!

Duets with my former instructor, Bob McChesney (2013)

In this video, I accompany the world-famous Bob McChesney(!) in some trombone duets from Richard J. Fote's "28 Vignettes for Two Trombones." Sit back and enjoy as I awkwardly attempt small talk with one of the greats! :-/

Collaboration with Paul the Trombonist (2013)

And here we witness the closest I have ever come to being viral (22k views), all thanks to YouTube sensation, Paul the Trombonist! Even though this is one of his videos, in which I am simply a feature, I still get messages from eager musicians worldwide, wanting the score and parts.


On top of that, I still get contacted from musical directors seeking trombone players, who rave about this video before even having a conversation with me. One message was from an Air Force Band recruiter who chanced upon this video and emailed me saying "...I luv it!" (My then-girlfriend saw the email and had to point out that a military Sergeant used the spelling "luv").

...all humble-bragging aside, here is my arrangement of Katy Perry's "Firework."

New England Conservatory's Jason Moran Ensemble (2015)

Picture this: you are in Boston, Massachusetts and it is the middle of February, officially cold enough to freeze the balls off a penguin. Praising God that you are indeed not a penguin, you make your way into New England Conservatory's Jordan Hall, shake the snow off your boots in the foyer, and then walk down the hallway to see one of several free concerts happening in the building that night.

New England Conservatory (NEC)'s jazz department has an artist come in every semester to run a residency, meaning they lead an ensemble(s) of students pre-chosen from the faculty. At the end of their term, the ensemble(s) kick off with a free concert open to the public. 

On a Boston February night, we are lead by pianist Jason Moran, in a live recreation of his album "All Rise: A Joyful Elegy for Fats Waller."

This video is of the final piece of the show. I still watch it and remember fondly how the audience "All Rise-d."

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