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'Runner in the Rain'

A debut extended play by Mariel Austin, released August 15, 2018.

Featuring: an eccentric trombone solo, a Wayne Shorter classic and one seriously depressed rabbit.

—Video Exclusive—

(The Unboxing)

Watch as the very first hard copies of 'Runner in the Rain' are, at long last, revealed to the public. 


"Austin’s compositions are complex and satisfying. She has a strong visual imagination (the CD cover is one of her paintings) which she translates into musical imagery. 

'A Rough, Unsorted Compiling of Ways Not to Exist.'  Inspired by the big band writing of George Russell, who is one of the first to formulate a theory of harmony based on jazz rather than European music, Austin takes you on a trip across distinctive musical landscapes, with each representing a different state of mind. The first section represents frustration and uncertainty. The second section represents brooding. The third section suggests liberating anger. The fourth section is a recapitulation of the first section, modulated a step above, representing reflection and movement forward

'Night Dreamer' is a Wayne Shorter composition that Austin wrote for a school competition. She added a vibraphone to give the music a dreamy quality and populated the background horn section with musical quotes from Shorter.

'Mirror Shift' is an original composition that was performed by the New York Youth Symphony. Her composition was one of three pieces chosen from hundreds of submissions. At one point in the piece, she directed the woodwind players to sing their parts rather than play them.


'One Way Journey Home' is a funk ballad that Austin wrote for the Jazz Composers Ensemble in grad school when she was feeling homesick. Austin relates, 'When I was giving direction to the horn section, I told them to think about someone they really missed. Someone they really longed for.'

Austin lends her lovely voice to 'Runner in the Rain,' the title tune. She originally wrote it as an experiment with electronic music, but when she found out that a friend had died, she re-arranged the tune as a touching big band chart. She was also reading Watership Down at the time and included in her CD package a quote from the book which reads, 'My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.'


Runner in the Rain is a stellar introduction to a burgeoning musical talent. This first recording by Mariel Austin is only the opening salvo by a composer, arranger, and performer whose career trajectory is surely aimed at the jazz firmament."

—Mouthpiece Music Publicity &Marketing


-Mariel Austin (Trombone—Track 4; Voice—Track 5; Composer/Arranger—All Tracks)


-Noah Preminger (Tenor Sax—Track 2) 

-Nigel Yancey (Alto & Flute)

-Richard Garcia (Alto & Clarinet)

-Gustavo D'Amico (Tenor & Flute)

-Travis Bliss (Tenor)

-Austin Yancey (Baritone & Bass Clarinet)



-Danny Fratina

-Kai Sandoval

-David Adewumi

-Jon Weidley

-Jordan Skomal



-Dorsey Minns

-Grant Randall

-Yoshie Nakayama

-Joe Ricard (Bass)



-Andria Nicodemou (Vibraphone—Track 2)

-Vaughn Stoffey (Guitar)

-James Fernando (Piano—Track 2)

-Chris McCarthy (Piano)

-Neil Patton (Bass)

-Dor Herskovitz (Drums)


STRINGS—Track 5:

-Jakub Trasak (Violin)

-Rafael Natan (Violin)

-Marnen Laibow-Koser (Violin)

-Ludovica Burtone (Violin)

-Georgina McKay Lodge (Viola)

-Sofia Basile (Viola)

-Valerie Thompson (Cello)

-Jason Coleman (Cello)


Executive Producers: Ray Zepeda, Ruth Tabancay and Mick Austin


Recorded and engineered by John Weston at Futura Productions; Roslindale, Massachusetts, USA

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